Rest In Peace, Series of 2 (2016)



B.E, (2016)

Coming to America, (2016)

A tribute to what could arguably be one the best films ever!



NIKE AD (2016)

My own personal take on a NIKE AD inspired by their 2016 #betterforit campaign. 



Kinkz Coilz N Curlz Redesign (2016)

Redesign for Baltimore Natural Hair Salon which included a type logo, two alternative illustration logos and a new business card.


SWARM (2016)



All Dressed Up (2016)

Character designs for my children book pitch about a young giraffe who wants to go against the gender norm and wear pants. 





Don't Touch My hair, Series of 9 (2015)

An Illustrative depiction of popular Black Hair Styles to promote self love amongst black woman. 




"Bashley" is a combination of myself and my roommate Ashley's name and the "Palace" is our first apartment. 

5 for you Lauryn, (2015)

In February of 1999 Lauryn Hill received 5 Grammys in one night setting a record for a female artist, with the first hip-hop recording to be named album of the year, ''The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill,'' at the 41st Annual Grammy Awards ceremony at the Shrine Auditorium. 


Masks, By Shel Silverstein (2015)

An Africana take on the popular children's poem titled masks.